Improved DABBoard now available

The DABBoard got an improved layout with added functionality, while keeping prices and footprint low. It is now available in our shop.

New features are:

  • I2S full digital audio data transmission to the Raspberry Pi is now supported by the hardware, but a driver has to be added manually to the Linux kernel to support it.
  • The antenna and L/R audio out are now accessible as pins on the board.
  • It is now possible to solder a flash memory chip to the board and have the Si468x load its firmware from that chip.
  • Silkscreen is printed on the board to show the part numbers.

DABBoard API released – console program to use DAB in various Raspberry Pi projects

We have released a flexible API as a terminal tool to use the Si468x as a DAB processor in your projects.
The radio_cli named tool has the Si468x firmware compiled in. It allows control of all the main functions of the Si468x in a simple way. The tool saves you from worrying about the low-level functions when using the Si468x.

Booting up the Si468x now becomes as simple as running
./radio_cli --boot=D
and tuning to a station is simply
./radio_cli --frequency=11
Get more information from the instructions pdf or run
./radio_cli --help

Get the details here:
uGreen DAB Board