Now supporting the FMHD and RDS essentials

Today, we are releasing a new version of the DABBoard radio_cli tool, with support for the most essential FMHD (only the HD-US version) and RDS features.

New features that where added in the 3.0.0 version:

Retrieve the RDS station text, like the song title or station name when in FM mode

sudo ./radio_cli_v3.0.0 -D -z 10 -j

Get the most essential FMHD station information

sudo ./radio_cli_v3.0.0 -d
sudo ./radio_cli_v3.0.0 -n
sudo ./radio_cli_v3.0.0 -g

Tune to a FMHD sub-channel (example for the first sub-channel)

sudo ./radio_cli_v3.0.0 -c 1

Download the new version here:

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