uGreen DAB Board FAQ

I get “error while loading shared libraries:”

This happens for example on a fresh Raspbian Buster install. One has to install the ncurses library, using the command:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5

Is the board compatible to the new Raspberry Pi 4B?

The board hardware itself is fully compatible. The software in its newest versions is compatible as well (the 4B uses a new processor, therefore, the software needed an update)

If the compatibility with 3rd party boards (like the Hifiberry Amp2) is still given has to be tested individually again for each board.

Can the audio received by FM be transmitted using the I2S?

That is unfortunately not possible. The FM audio will not be converted to a digital signal and output through the I2S by the Si468x receivers.


The Si468x firmware is proprietary and owned by Silicon Labs. We do not distribute the firmware and we do not reply to any request to send the firmware by email.


Details about the coax-connector which is equipped can be found here: