I2S – digital audio

The real potential of DAB+ lies in its digital audio data. Music is transmitted without loss of quality, digitally.

To fully benefit from this potential, the digital signal also has to be transmitted between the several components of an audio device until it reaches the human ear.

The Si468x chip that we use in our DABBoard has these features. And the Raspberry Pi as well. What is left to enjoy music in digital quality is to enable the I2S bus within the Raspberry Pi.

With the newest version of our DABBoard instructions we have added a manual about just that. Download the instructions to learn how to fully profit from the digital sound.

Improved DABBoard now available

The DABBoard got an improved layout with added functionality, while keeping prices and footprint low. It is now available in our shop.

New features are:

  • I2S full digital audio data transmission to the Raspberry Pi is now supported by the hardware, but a driver has to be added manually to the Linux kernel to support it.
  • The antenna and L/R audio out are now accessible as pins on the board.
  • It is now possible to solder a flash memory chip to the board and have the Si468x load its firmware from that chip.
  • Silkscreen is printed on the board to show the part numbers.

DABBoard API released – console program to use DAB in various Raspberry Pi projects

We have released a flexible API as a terminal tool to use the Si468x as a DAB processor in your projects.
The radio_cli named tool has the Si468x firmware compiled in. It allows control of all the main functions of the Si468x in a simple way. The tool saves you from worrying about the low-level functions when using the Si468x.

Booting up the Si468x now becomes as simple as running
./radio_cli --boot=D
and tuning to a station is simply
./radio_cli --frequency=11
Get more information from the instructions pdf or run
./radio_cli --help

Get the details here:
uGreen DAB Board

Climate KIC stage 2

uGreen successfully applied to the Climate KIC and innovate4climate stage 2 accelerator. The highly competitive Climate KIC accelerator program supports innovative startups with a focus on CO2 emission savings. During a short time span, the startup gets coaching to develop the business model and funding to develop the first product.