Restored compatibility for I2S with newer Raspbian kernel versions

Due to a recent update of the Raspbian Kernel (version 5.10 and newer), the audiosense-pi module could no longer be used to record the I2S signal from the DABBoard. This issue was now finally solved. You can use a new overlay file to record I2S again and get the full digital audio to the Raspberry Pi.

Instructions how to do that are here:

Use this overlay file to create DAB+ recordings, play DAB+ over the Raspberry Pi HDMI connector or even through a bluetooth speaker.

One thought on “Restored compatibility for I2S with newer Raspbian kernel versions

  • February 3, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    It would be great if you could provide a choice between i2s master and slave mode for radio_cli. I think this could be easily done by writing to register 0x200 either 0x8000 (as it is now) or 0x0000.
    This would simplify the situation for users with i2s output sound cards and mixed sources (e.g. MPD use cases, where DAB is just one selectable input).
    That way the only thing we need is a custom dtbo-overlay.


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