DABBoard in the Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine

A really good article about our DABBoard has appeared in the September/October issue of the Raspberry Pi Geek magazine (German, 6 pages).

The article, written by Bernhard Bablok, contains a lot of valuable information and a nice introduction to the DABBoard. There are even instructions of how to add a turning knob to the Raspberry Pi in order to tune to different stations or adjust the volume.

For those interested, the article can be read and bought as a pdf from the Raspberry Pi Geek magazine webpages:

Das DAB Board von uGreen bietet viele Möglichkeiten für eigene Radioprojekte, und sei es nur zum Nachrüsten eines entsprechenden Empfängers für den heimischen Receiver. …”, (Translation: “The uGreen DABBoard offers many possibilities for your own radio project, for example to build an extension for a home-used receiver. …”, Bernhard Bablok, Raspberry Pi Geek 2020)