10m Coax Cable


10m length. Coax connectors on both sides. To connect antennas placed in another room or on the roof.

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The coax cable fits the DABBoard and the antennas offered in our shop. Length: 10m.

Please note: the radio signal strength weakens when traveling through longer cables. If several of these cables are combined to reach lengths above 10m, an amplification of the radio signal might become necessary.

The cable might carry 2 adapters on both ends, to fit to the DABBoard.

Shipping info

The item will be shipped in a 2 cm thick cardboard box, which is directly delivered into your letterbox. If it is available for your location, the shipment will be tracked. You can ask by mail to get the tracking number, if required. Incoterms are CPT. Depending on the shipping destination, delivery can take up to 2 weeks or more. For some countries there is a refund by the shipping company for lost parcels. Please check if you can profit from this on the website of Deutschepost (German).

We use over 90% recycled material for the shipping, mostly leftovers from packaging material and recycled paper.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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