Certified Efficiency


Electricity is not just electricity. At every second, the electricity that we use is a mixture produced from various sources. And this mixture changes all the time. So let us use the electricity when it is produced from renewable sources – solar and wind – instead of coal, nuclear and gas. All we have to do is to change the time when all our devices and appliances are running.

Imagine for example a dishwasher. Not an ordinary one, which you might have at home already, rather a smart one, which realizes when the amount of solar energy production is highest, and which switches on just then.

Or the charger of your electric bicycle, which charges your bicycle with electricity from solar power instead of coal. Clean energy instead of polluted air and CO2 emissions from the next coal power plant.

We develop certified algorithms that allow just that. An intelligent system, using state of the art technology, to communicate to your device when it is the perfect time to run. This is as easy to use as it can get – giving you a good feeling every time you use the device.